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THANK YOU! Mississippi Gets Healthier & We Talk One-on-One

Updated: Feb 26, 2019

There were recently two great events I was honored to be apart of. Thank you to the ladies of Black Women's Health Initiative for having me as your moderator for your Real Talk, Real Women: Community Conversation Series event on Black Women's Health. This organization, based out of Washington, DC, is dedicated to improving the health of our nation's reportedly 21 million black women and girls. I applaud their efforts and I appreciated the opportunity to be apart of their platform. They provided a great dinner for guests and an environment free to talk about health related issues in our community. Not to mention, the guests and ladies of the organization purchased books and offered me their ongoing support. I also want to say thank you to the Mississippi Department of Health, Office of Preventive Health, for having me as their host of their "Move Your Way" fitness and health campaign. This family friendly event featured over 30 vendors dedicated to health, fitness, and awareness. I thoroughly enjoyed all of the guests, vendors, speakers, and all of the physical activities. This was an interactive fun-filled event with a purpose! This organization is dedicated to helping Mississippi get healthier and more fit. Jackson, Mississippi was only one of two cities chosen in the United States to launch this campaign. Black Women's Health Initiative was also apart of this event. Thank you both for having me!


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