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Updated: Feb 28, 2022

I can't believe this is about to be our 8th runway fashion event! There are a number of people I can thank throughout the years for helping make this event a success. It truly takes teamwork to make the dream work! We appreciate everyone who has attended and worked on Rock the Runway throughout the years. Last year, we opened with theeee Jackson State University's Sonic Boom of the South band and I can't thank them enough for participating! This year, we're striving to still bring you that same energy and excitement! Mark your calendars for Sunday, March 31, 2019! Meet us at the Jackson Convention Complex! If you've been missing this event the past few years, please check out what you've been missing! We hope to see you this year!

Update: 97.7's Rock the Runway 2019 presented by Patty Peck Honda and the Jackson Convention Complex was another success. Thank you to all the boutique owners, entrepreneurs, and models who participated! Thank you to everyone who came out!

What other fashion show has had thee JSU band?

2019 Patty Peck Honda Red Carpet

Case Performing Live 97.7's Rock the Runway 2019

Patty Peck Honda Red Carpet 2019


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