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Monday Midday Motivation- Become Better, Not Bitter

Become Better Not Bitter
Become Better Not Bitter

With all the chaos going on in the world around us, life is too short for chaos, and turmoil to actually live within us. Cherish your loved ones. Cherish your family, friends, and even co-workers who you work with every day who have become friends. I recently spoke with a listener who shared with me they had not spoken to their mother in quite some time over a recent disagreement. Everyone has disagreements, problems, and misunderstandings. That's apart of life but we have to learn to become better, not bitter. You can't hold on to negativity, resentment, and grudges because someone upsets you, wrongs you, or does something you don't like. Holding on to those things ultimately holds you back because, whether you know it or not, it has a hold on you. It affects your attitude and your heart. Its hard to treat someone right when your heart isn't in the right place. No one should have that much control over your emotions that it affects how you treat, and deal with others. No matter the circumstances, start giving out the energy you want to receive back. You want happiness, give out happiness. You want forgiveness, forgive. You want respect, give respect. Give out what you want to receive in return! Changed attitudes change mindsets! Be the bigger person and become better, not bitter! Happy Monday ladies and gentlemen! Let's make it a fantastic week!


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