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Belle Collective Returns for Season 2

I'm back for Season 2 of Belle Collective! Yes, the belles are back! Season 2 of Belle Collective premiered Friday, July 29th on the OWN Network. Just two episodes in, and we have been trending each Friday night. This season is about much more than drama, although you do see that as well, but you also see Black Female Entrepreneurship, family, careers, relationships, division, separation, disagreements, encouragement, and vulnerability. You see a variety of emotions this season. You also see hard work, dedication, and success among all the ladies. You will also notice two new ladies have joined the original cast from Season 1. You see a lot of growth this season. Now I can say from my point of view, you'll also see a few lies and mistruths. But amongst it all, you will see success. You'll see new restaurants, and new black owned businesses in the city of Jackson, Mississippi, which I am always proud of. There is so much history in Mississippi. We are growing tremendously. We encourage you to watch this new season with us. You're in for a ride! Make sure you tune to Belle Collective, Fridays on the Oprah Winfrey Network (OWN), 9pm EST, 8pm CST.


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