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Monday Midday Motivation

Be unapologetically exceptional! Do you want to be ordinary or extraordinary? I was once told by a man that I was unlike any other woman he had ever met. I was different. I took that as a compliment and if you've ever been told that by anyone, you should too. Why do we strive to fit in when we were born to stand out? I recently listened to a sermon by Pastor Joel Osteen entitled "Uncommon," & I wanted to share parts of his message with you today. God did not create you to be common. You were created to be uncommon. Its sad that we are living in a world where it seems to be okay to lower your standards and compromise your integrity to make others feel comfortable or for you to feel accepted. People should accept you and love you for who you are and what you stand for. Never lower your standards, morals, and values to make the next person comfortable. Better yet, encourage them to be uncommon and extraordinary with you! People will try to make you feel bad for not conforming to the standardized "normal," "common," or lackluster standards they may be use to by others. Do you want to be what they are use to or give them something they have never experienced before in their life? It takes strength to be uncommon. I don't want you to even have common goals! When you make the choice to be exceptional and uncommon, you're going to disappoint some people and unintentionally hurt some feelings because you are not the type of person they are use to. You move different. You act different. You think different. You don't conventionally conform. Common is easy. Common is comfortable. If its easy to get, its easy to lose. If its hard to get, you're going to work even harder to keep it. Today, I want to encourage you to continue to be respectfully unapologetically, extraordinary and uncommon. Its okay to be uncommon. Its okay to be rare and extraordinary. Its okay to be not what people are use to. Be so uncommon that people strive to get the unfamiliarity you have. Be it. Embrace it. Share it. Encourage it. That is your Monday Midday Motivation! Let's make it a fantastic week!


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